DOZR Inc., headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, is an innovative online marketplace for the rental of heavy equipment.  The company's proprietary technology platform leverages data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance rental efficiency and increase equipment utilization.  DOZR provides a strong value proposition to all key constituents within the heavy equipment rental industry, including equipment renters, dealers, owners and manufacturers. 

Beginning in December of 2018, BaseCamp Equity partnered with DOZR through a proprietary growth equity financing which totaled $8.45MM.  BaseCamp Equity's investor group holds three of DOZR's seven board seats and will actively support the company's governance, management needs and strategic initiatives.  

BaseCamp Equity's 24 founding investors provided meaningful transaction support through referrals, industry diligence and investment capital.  One founder, a deeply rooted private equity veteran with investing experience in the heavy equipment rental industry, referred a highly-successful sector CEO who made a significant investment and joined BaseCamp Equity on DOZR’s Board of Directors.

We are extraordinarily privileged to partner with the entrepreneurial & visionary DOZR team alongside our firm's founders and investors.